Jack Frost (movie)

I started to know actors and stars as well as this here. It maybe like that snowman cartoon or Frosty, but this one was better. In this are Michael Keaton, Kelly Preston, and Mark Addy.

Jack Frost, was the head lead of a rock band. He and along with his friends, were popular. His job kept going away from home, as he got himself killed in a car accident. He died on Christmas Day as it was a farewell to him.

A year later, he returned in the form as a snowman. That his son built one snowy night.

He and his son had a lot of fun, just before his mother believed him. It was Christmas morning when he had to leave to return to heaven. He just needed second chance on being the coolest dad that this boy ever had. And he did.

This is a ‘A-‘ movie I would rate. Some parts I do dislike though in this. But man, it’s funny! So funny and good as that snowman he played, you would watch this again, and again, and again.

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