Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas (cartoon)

Boris Karloff once did the CD story, as they did the songs as he was the actual Grinch in this classic cartoon movie. The outcast green creature of Who-ville as he tries to steal everything that they love on Christmas.He dressed himself up as Saint Nick as he had a dog dressed as a reindeer. He had an entire sack full of their stuff.

Stealing everything they have, almost getting caught, and almost dumping them off the mountain, he almost did it when he learned a lesson in the end. You can tell for when he is bad, when he has those yellow and red eyes. When he has blue and clear eyes, he learned a lesson. And when he saved the sled, his heart grew three sizes that day. He was a strong one.

It had a great ending as I am proud of this cartoon classic Christmas movie. ‘A+’.

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