A Miser Brothers Christmas

Mickey Rooney, years before he died, this was his third movie on being Father Christmas as this ended the feud between those Miser Brothers.

Those Miser Brothers still fight, at parties, even when they are neighbours. To disappoint Mother Nature. But not for their brother, North Wind.

This brother was jealous as he wanted to take that job, than Father Christmas. So while those two brothers were fighting again, he let one of his henchmen to sabotage Father Christmas’ sled! He went out of control as he crashed into that battle between those brothers.

He broke his leg as those two, were to take his place together. They do fight a bit, but Mrs. Claus knew the truth on how they began their feud. They were babies once, as they did not knew each other. When Snow Miser was hit by a spark of fire from the fireplace, and a snowflake that hit Heat Miser, they began their feud. By fighting over the years. They now know the truth as they shook on it, with steam.

They sang their songs as North Wind was planning his sinister trick. They began their feud again as they found out they were being tricked by North Wind. They told their Mother Nature that, as they she punished him for good!

This ended their feud for good as they were nice brothers from now on. They gave out a nice clean Christmas to the world as they did well.

A straight “A” is good for this Christmas movie. And a sequel to “The Year without a Santa Claus”.

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