Idea’s that can get you busted

When you’re in high school, college or on your job, and you get stressed, pissed off, or frustrated, and mad at your boss like your teacher or professor, you don’t want to threaten them for what you might do.

I got into a bad situation today and last week in college on computer labs as I was ashamed of myself. And pissed off at my professor, on what shit I’ve been going through. I started to tell everyone I knew of, about everything I’ve been through hell this week as I also wanted to have fake blood on my hands.

My idea was to have that on my hand, as I would slap my professor hard in her face. But something like that and threatening can get you into a lot of big trouble. Kicked out of school, college or your job when you do that.

Not even nasty emails to say swear words like that. Like you are in a world of shit.

I went this with my dad, as students who do these, (even in your job) can get you kicked out or fired from your job. So you don’t want to go through all this, as you would not swear, threaten, or send nasty emails to your boss you know off.

So try not to do these, unless you need help. Only ask your parents and tell them this. Not you. Even ask help.

For example, in “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”, when Brad Hamilton as the ‘Fast Food King’, played by Judge Reinhold was trying to help a customer, and the customer called him a moron, he said those words but funny, that you really shouldn’t say…

“Mister, if you don’t shut up, I’m gonna kick one hundred percent of your ass!”

That was when his boss came in and found out. Brad got fired, and worked somewhere else.

Watching something funny like this is okay, but you really shouldn’t do all this. No threatening, swearing, or hurting your boss. You would feel like quitting, unless you need help.

Anyone you know, who think they might help you, you would need help.

Which is why we must know all this, and never get fired or get into a lot of trouble. And which is what Brad, got himself into. Trouble and fired.

“I hope you have a hell of a piss, Arnold!”


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