War Game (2002)

This was the WWI animated movie I was looking for, for a very long time. Since that came out on Teletoon for two nights, or another channel, this was the one I found I was looking for.

“War Game” was created by the director who made “The Snowman” and “Father Christmas” as it was based on the book by Michael Foreman. It had won a British Animation Award for this for the Children’s choice.

It had the voice of Kate Winslet and the singer of Julian Nott. This is 10/10 star movie I would rate, after I’ve been looking for it for a long time.

This tells the story of three brothers, who are best at soccer as they are into WWI. Their mother wants them to stay on the farm but it was too late. They took a steamship to France as they are plunged into marching into France as they head towards Flanders Fields. They can see the battlefields as they know how lucky they made it there. In the trenches, it was a lot of work as they played tricks. Like meat canned food as they are used as shots by German snipers. They fling them high in the air, as the German sniper would shoot at them.

Then there was the plate idea. They would fling it high, as the sniper would make a shot in the middle. Second, they would hold it up high as it would make a smiley face on a plate, made by bullet holes. And during the war, even at Christmas there have been casualties like a plane that went down. At Christmas, they hate hot cocoa as they can hear the Germans singing “Silent Night”.

Morning came, as the Germans and the British soldiers started to play soccer. All together in the fields. They have all the fun they have, when the officers were heard about this. They were to go back to their trenches and wait for orders. They have celebrated Christmas in the trenches, they had a good time.

During a battle, all three brothers were to get ready for the next fight. Along with the British soldiers. The officer blew the whistle as they came out of the trenches, charging at the fields. They kicked the ball in the trenches as a bomb went off. Everyone of them died as two were wounded. One of the brothers, and a German soldier. He gave him water to the German soldier as they held photos. And after the last German soldier died, so did this brother. He looked at the sky, as it was like a soccer game as he thinks it was a dream or a nightmare. He had his eyes opened dying, as he closed them. It was like a soccer dream.

This is a movie I will never forget as I found this. I did read a book once, and wrote a story with a bit of ideas from that, a ‘Grossology’ episode, and a ‘Pokémon’ episode related. Maybe with some from ‘Misery’ and some foxes.

It was dreadful for these brothers to get killed. Not only as soldiers, but together as brothers as human beings. May the soldiers of WWI, rest in peace forever as we shall never forget the ones who did for this Remembrance Day.



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