100th Anniversary of WWI!!!

Remembrance Day. My favorite holiday. As we honor the soldiers who have fought in WWI. All those events, the famous battles Canada was involved, an finally, the Christmas truce. As of now, we celebrate the 100th anniversary of WWI that Canada was involved. It has been 100 years since that did, as this will go from 2014 to 2018. Like when the war went from 1914 to 1918.

I have a lot of experience and believing in this, as I wrote a book once, and a story. For school and by myself. And now, I give the top movies, TV and media that WWI had ever did.

1. “War Game”- an animated movie as four soccer brothers that have went into battle. With the voices of Kate Winslet and Julian Nott on music. And deals with the Christmas truce.
2. “Flyboys”- With James Franco and Jean Reno, about American pilots in the French air force.
3. Snoopy on a Sopwith Camel, fighting against the Red Baron. A band did two songs on this.
4. “Paths of Glory”- with Kirk Douglas and directed by Stanley Kubrick. About sacrifice and betrayal during WWI against Britain and France.
5. “Beneath Hill 60”- Australian soldiers in the battlefields as they build secret tunnels underground against enemy blasting.
6. “Shoulder Arms”- With Charlie Chaplin, about a British soldier surveying WWI in No Man’s Land. A silent movie.
7. “Passchendale”- Canadian infantry soldiers in WWI.
8. “Joyeux Noel”- With Daniel Bruhl, this shows about the Christmas truce.
9. “In Love and War”- With Sandra Bullock and Chris O’Donnell, a wounded soldier falls in love with a nurse who aids him.
10. “A Very Long Engagement”- With a cameo of Jodie Foster, tells the story of a girl searching for her fiancé during France’s end in WWI during the Battle of Somme.
11. “A Farewell to Arms”- Gary Cooper stars in this, as an ambulance driver and a nurse fall in love, while in Italy during WWI.
12. “The African Queen”- Humphrey Bogart plays as a soldier as he’s in WWI against Africa.
13. “Sergeant York”- Gary Cooper and John Huston, as this talks about America’s involvement into WWI.
14. A bit of scenes in episodes on “Downtown Abbey” as British people are into wounded hurts during and after WWI.
15. “The Man who saved Christmas”- About a toy inventor as he saves Christmas when some soldiers go into WWI, and how people should never cancel Christmas. At a remarkable holiday like so.
16. “Lawrence of Arabia” with Peter O’Toole and Claude Rains, this is the Oscar movie as a WWI British officer leads people in Africa to win the war in Africa. Best of the best.
17. “The Dawn Patrol”- With Errol Flynn, fighter pilots of the Royal Flying Corps go into battle in the air in WWI. This is a remake after the 1930 movie.
18. “The Fighting 69th”- About a regiment thar was plunged into WWI. Featuring James Cagney, and Pat O’Brien.
19. “Five Children and It”- With Freddie Highmore, based on the story, this tells about five children and a creature who grants them wishes, unless they want their father back during WWI.
20. Some episodes of “Young Indiana Jones” as how Indiana and his family survived WWI.
21. “Peace on Earth”- a 1939 Christmas cartoon about how WWI was as there was peace on Earth, during Christmas.
22. “Sinking of the Lusitania: Terror at Sea”- With John Hannah from ‘The Mummy’, he plays a professor as this takes place during the sinking of the Lusitania.
23. “Britannic”- a 2000 direct to DVD movie as during WWI in 1916, the hospital ship the Britannic has her maiden voyage until she struck a land mine in the water.
24. A TV documentary special, that during the Battle of Somme, the Canadians and British have built the first motorized flamethrower there is in WWI! Epic!!

There are some pictures of the poet who wrote “Flanders Field” and Wilfred Owen, a poet and a WWI pilot. Not bad for poets. John McCrae even had his handgun as a medic during WWI. And finally, Giovanni Caproni, an Italian airplane designer was into WWI as he made Italian airplanes. He was seen in the anime hit movie, “The Wind Rises”.

So no matter what we shall remember, WWI for Canada shall be remembered forever. For all that in its history on WWI and it’s 100th anniversary! All that, even in Christmas!

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