The Iron Giant (1999)

When the first three movies of Pokémon made it to theaters and VHS, along with “Pokémon: Mewtwo Returns” on VHS, I remember those times and this movie as I realize, Vin Diesel since “Saving Private Ryan”, the “Fast and Furious” trilogy, and all his movie, Vin Diesel is the Iron Giant.

Based on the book by Ted Hughes, this tells about an alien robot that came from a robot world to conquer and investigate worlds in the galaxy. It crashed landed on Earth in a storm in 1957 during the Atomic Age. It had a dent in hid head as the robot kinda forgot until it remembers now in the end.

A boy named Hogarth, tries to befriend this as it needed metal to survive. While dealing with it, and a crazy FBI agent, he and a junkyard man try to keep him safe. They did a lot of things together, funny and epic as they realize, people and animals can live or die in life. It was harsh to see a deer get killed, but they know that ‘souls don’t die’.

By winter, it was seen by the military thanks to the agent as a chase was on. The kid even flew with the robot when it started to fly. It went out of control as it remembers. When a missile was launched, it sacrificed itself by saving the town when there was no bunker. So it disappeared as things went better later on.

The boy did found out, that in north of Iceland, the robot was being put back together. The movie ended with the robot smiling as it must’ve returned to it’s home world later.

There was parody in a “Futurama” episode as it was similar to the book and this movie. How Bender was the giant robot as Fry was like Hogarth. And Zoidberg was the monster the book was mentioned than the movie. And the robot did wanted to be Superman in the movie.

This is a straight “B” movie I would rate, but Vin Diesel is the best on giant robots.

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