My Bride is a Mermaid

I saw this whole anime TV show on Netflix. It was good, but I rate a “D–” for this. Since we know the Hans Christian Anderson story of “The Little Mermaid” this one was almost intense. A girl mermaid that starts to love a boy on land as he starts to love her. They want to get married right away. That was when the mermaids parents were out of their minds as they were out of control. The father was and some bodyguards but I really disliked that.

Even in a conch shell, a little person who has a mini gun in her shell goes bonkers as she’s a total assassin. By the time they were in high school, things went intense as the mermaids father was the teacher, her mother as a nurse, and some bodyguards as janitors.

There are episodes that I really disliked, but there was one more mermaid like her who was a singer. So they had a rival in which I hate as things went better. The only way this girl can be transformed into a mermaid is by getting her legs wet. Then she has her mermaids tail. She can have her real legs when they are dried off.

So the boy and her bride, were in school secretly as they met some friends. One in which a schoolgirl wanted to be a cop, and one that went bonkers as a monkey.

It really made my mind to think, ‘what was with these guys?’ as they had followed her. In the city it was fine, but not so good as episode 26 which was the last one, was the final one. She was free, the boy saved her bride and got married for sure. She still has her ring as she and her friend the singer, are mermaid sisters as they live with this boy now.

It went out okay, but I was like Stanley Kubrick as a film critic if he’d saw this. If he’d did, then he would ask them to start all over again. Only for what I know, on what TV shows are good. This is still a “D–“. A double ‘D’ minus but the characters are good. Such as the mermaid bride, her love maybe, the boys mother, the mermaid’s mother, the boys schoolgirl cop, and the pop singer mermaid. Nothing more, nothing else. Not even that monkey kid.

But that mermaid bride was beautiful!

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