Galaxy Express 999 (anime movie)- The Best!!!

In a distant future on Earth, lots of space vehicles have traveled in our solar system as one was the fastest! A flying steam train, going across the stars as it can stop at our planets in the solar system.

On Earth, when human and robots are together, they have been hearing rumours of deadly pirates. A couple of tomboys and girls in the alleys have played games about it. One boy wanted to ride the Galaxy Express after he and his mother have heard it. It was shameful for when his mother was killed long ago, but a woman wearing Russians clothes almost looks like her.

The boy wanted to be a robot so he can live forever. Working with that woman, she and that boy went across the galaxy in that train to avoid pirates and all that. It was very emotional when that woman took great care on that boy.

I must say, “B+”. Very emotional. I will watch this again.




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