Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (1994)

I saw this in high school, as I watched this on Halloween last night. Robert DeNiro played the abomination man of Frankenstein’s monster, in this movie like the book that I read a long time ago.

A crew heading to the North Pole, and to prove that they can do it, get trapped on ice as they met a stranger there, who was there also when he made a big mistake. Dr. Victor Frankenstein who created a very big mistake when he made an abomination.

He created this, to prove this could work when he was in a secret lab. It was like the book, except different. He used a tank of goo, a lot of wires, needles, a hanging metal table for the body, equipment, a hot fire for the tank, as there were many electric eels to make it alive.

It was funky for some parts of the experiment, as it made it worse. The abomination creature escaped and went on a rampage against his family for what Victor, had done. He killed a little brother, a woman, his father, and her fiancé played by Helena Boham Carter.

He tried to bring her back to life, but failed. It was a mistake as she was on fire, and burned the house down. The story ended as Victor died, as they heard the story. They cremated his body, along with the monster as he approached. He died sadly as the ice froze up.

They went home, never to do anything impossible. Also starring Ian Holm, Aidan Quinn, John Cleese, and Kenneth Branagh. This was like the book, as I give this 8/10 stars. Epic, horror, adventurous, and what you saw in the book. Mary Shelley wrote this classic as it’s famous for what we believe in.

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