Psycho (1960 classic)

From Alfred Hitchcock, comes the number one classic of all of his movies. Psycho. Based on the book, comes the screen when we see the most hit famous shower scene in film/movie history. Where a woman gets stabbed and killed in the shower, bleeding her blood down the drain as she died with both eyes open.

This shows three members of the cast. Anthony Perkins as the Norman Bates, Janet Leigh as Marion Crane, and Vera Miles as Marion’s sister, Lila.

The movie began with a bank woman named Marion Crane, who was falling in love with her fiancĂ©. She became so jealous of this, she wanted to help. At the bank where a cowboy talks with the banker, she tricks them as she steals $40,000 dollars! (That’s one million dollars today)

Marion skips town as she tries to get to her lovers home, as she feels guilty on stealing the money. She was frightened when a police officer was spying on her, as she traded her car for a different one. He left as she went on. Along the way, rain came coming down as she went off the highway to a place called, ‘Bates Motel’. A small motel close to an old house up top.

That was when she had the help, of a frightened and nervous person named Norman Bates. He offered her dinner as she just wanted to be safe. This man was nervous like her, except he was having problems with his mother who lives up on that house. He never had any friends, until now.

Mrs. Bates can get angry and all that, as they realize, what would they do if they placed her in a asylum. Locked in a bouncy room, wearing a straightjacket, going nuts with her mind and eyes, as one like her could never get out. After dinner, she wanted to leave next morning. Norman spied on her a bit, by through a painting behind a wall with his stuffed birds that he does. What he does for a hobby, is stuffing animals when they are dead. After that, he needed to think and chill a lot. Marion had all the relaxing she could have in the shower, when came the most famous scene in film history.

Marion Crane, killed in the shower by Mrs. Norma Bates, holding onto a kitchen knife as she died with her both eyes open. Norman found the body horrified as he cleaned it up. He placed Marion’s dead body in the trunk, along with her things and the $40,000 dollars. Then sank the car in a dark, muggy but muddy swamp close by to the motel.

A search was conducted for her, when her sister Lila Crane, was worried about her. An investigator named Arbogast started to help, as he went from motel to motel, hotel to hotel, and each room and board, asking if they have seen this woman. He arrived at the Bates Motel, and asked Norman if he had seen her. He said that he had seen her, and took off.

Just then, he made a quick phone call close by to the hotel, as Arbogast went up to the house, close by. He was murdered by Norma Bates unfortunately. Lila Crane, and Marion’s boyfriend started to think about the Bates Motel, as they paid a little visit. So they have found the room where Marion was killed, as Lila went to the house. Marion’s boyfriend distracted Norman as Lila was searching.

In the fruit cellar, there was Norma Bates! A corpse of her! Just then, Norman Bates as mother was about to kill her when he got caught. Later, he was arrested.

At the police station, they found out where Marion is, the $40,000 and the dead investigator for where they are. In the swamp for where the car is. The psychiatrist talked with Norman, as they found out about the truth.

Years ago after the death of her husband, Norma Bates raised her son with cruelty and manipulation as she forbids him to have a life away from her. She taught him that sex is evil and all women except her are whores. For many years, Norma kept her son as he didn’t made any friends. And no one else in the world. When Norman was a teenager, Norma started to love someone as she begins to plan on marrying him. They start to do business as they open a small motel. Norman became jealous of this, as Norma and her new boyfriend died in a suicide murder. Horrible! Norman did killed them both. After the funeral, Norman stole his mothers corpse and develops a split personality.

Sometimes, he can be him and sometimes, his mother. Which was why after dinner with Marion about the idea in a asylum, she became pissed off and released on Norman as she started to kill Marion in the shower. Didn’t care about the money. So what’s left of Norma and Norman himself, they together are the complete psychos. They are to be sent to an asylum, and locked up in a room, wearing a straightjacket. Just the idea for that.

Two lessons in this movie are, that we don’t need to steal $40,000 to plan a marriage. We should plan something wisely so that we don’t need to feel guilty about it. And when we raise our children or grandchildren, we need to raise them well and wisely to make them happy and what we can do. And what they can do to be happy. Which this, can be related to “Wolf Children” on how that woman when she raised her children.

Norma Bates, when she raised Norman, she was a complete psycho as she made Norman to be a complete psycho too.

When a guard gives him a blanket, you can hear Norma’s voice when she thanked him for that. Then the two guards locked him up in a isolated room. 

The movie ended with Norma’s voice inside the head of Norman Bates as she made a hideous smile. A smile I would yell and scream at her with hatred as I feel like Matthew Modine as a recruit in “Full Metal Jacket”. With the titles ‘The End’, the final scene showed that Marion’s car was being pulled from the swamp. And that was it.

This is a 10/10 classic movie as there was a remake in 1998. With Vince Vaughn as Norman Bates, along with Julianne Moore as Lila Crane, and William H. Macy as Arbogast. Thats all I know of the cast. This is hit horror classic in the 60’s when this came out.

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