Hoot (2006)

I’ve always knew something about Logan Lerman when he was in a movie based on a novel.

Logan plays a boy, who he and his family moved from Montana to Florida. He wonders there, about another boy who’s an outsider and wants to help him.

There was he and her sister as he wants to help them. After breaking a bully’s nose, suspended on riding the bus, and was ordered to write an apology letter, he realizes what that outsider was doing. There was a construction site over burial ground on owls. Luke Wilson played a police officer there. Befriending this boy, these two embark on a day trip together as best friends on the best parts of Florida. Going swimming, catching fish with your hands, and know how to catch fish by using a net.

Logan as that boy, did lure that bully in the construction site, in which he got into trouble, that bully did. And the best part, the boys stepsister made a visit to his house on night in his room! On the day they made a last stand, these three teenagers had to tell the truth. Everyone believed them, as out came owls. One by one, big and small, this construction site was finished as the owls were saved.

Things have changed after that, as he and his parents decided to live Florida there. These three are still best friends as they like to hang out, as the owl site there is now an owl preserve. The officer played by Luke Wilson was now a detective, as the manager of the construction idea was into community service. Did get knocked in the head by a coconut. And finally, that bully was sent to military camp. He got what he deserved as a mistake for him. Even R. Lee Ermy would still call that guy, a ‘Gomer Pyle’.

Owls can be beautiful to see, as long as you stand still and they would come out. Below you and above, they are owls.

7/10 stars. An “A” on this movie.

The trailer played the song, “Hold On” by Good Charlotte which that song was interesting.

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