What did I thought of ‘Fury’?

When I saw this movie, I thought Logan Lerman was going to make things worse more, if he did something worse like the way he was in ‘Noah’. But no. As a soldier to that tank, he was in a world of shit. Yes, he was alive after that battle, and was not afraid.

Brad, Shia, Logan, Scott and Michael were in that small tank that was powerful enough to take on three hundred enemy soldiers. It was too bad only four died, and one survived.

Because their tank, was their home as they did the best of it. They had to have everything in battle, even of their tank gets broken down. There was a land mine that blew up the tank track chains as they couldn’t go any further at the crossroads. There were other tanks destroyed before them because of German anti-tanks. They deflect artillery as they can shoot straight at a tank. Like armour piercing ammo.

And the Germans, they didn’t know what they were doing. They committed suicide to themselves for what they had done, as there were children that want to be soldiers. But it was a bad idea. If you were one of those American soldiers, you would gave to shoot children anyway. Or their parents. Like “Platoon”.

Hitler, did not appeared in this movie, but it looked like he took things too far in Germany before he shot himself in the head, in those months before Germany surrendered.

Logan, who was afraid to fight once, was scared as he was born to kill. Like Matthew Modine in “Full Metal Jacket”. He killed many German Nazi’s as he loved to fight. Born to kill.

Out in war, it can be dreadful and horrible to see gunfights in the air, as soldiers can get killed. Even when there are heads being blown off by machine guns, losing a leg, and losing a persons face in a tank. Logan threw up when he started cleaning.

Brad as that sergeant, I was like ‘we’ when I saw his back. He had scars like if there was an on board fire in the tank. And his back got burned by the flames. It was one bad scar on his back. I would not see a WWII veteran to have that.

‘Deals are peaceful as history is violent’ for what Brad Pitt said. Even when you are at in that time in area in Europe on WWII. You can tell by the fleet of airplanes in the sky. So many of them. Like 100 in the air.

And the way the guns were shooting, were like ray guns. Red ones. Like the way they did in “Platoon”. I tell you, it’s the same effect on that, as it was like that in the 80’s.

So ‘Fury’ is a big war movie. Probably make it to the Oscars as number one, as you might realize, how warfare can be. If those five men take on enemies they hate, you would know how deadly tanks can be.

(loading the cannon of the ‘Fury’)

Staff Sergeant Don ‘Wardaddy’ Collier: “Fire!”

(‘Fury’ fires)


(Pvt. Norman Ellison sees Arthur and the beast)

Staff Sergeant Don ‘Wardaddy’ Collier: “Hit that son of a bitch! Hit it!”

Cpl. Trini Garcia: “Do your job! Do what you fight for! Do what your here for!”

(Pvt. Norman Ellison fires the machine gun)

Remember, war never ends quietly. Deals can be peaceful, as history can be violent in this movie.









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