Sagwa the Chinese Siamese Cat (TV show)

I watched this at a neighbors house with it’s kids and in the car, on the way back to Ottawa from Toronto from Canada’s Wonderland as I would not believe for what I saw, that I believe in might saving. Saving these chinese and siamese cats.

Sagwa Miao was a kitten, who lived with her family in a palace as a fat emperor was the mayor of a small town in eastern China. She always trusts her parents known as Mama and Baba Miao, as plays with her brother Dongwa, her little sister Sheegwa, a bat named Fu-Fu, alley cats known as Jet-Jet, Lik-Lik, Wing-Wing, and Hun-Hun, some mice she knows of like one named Shei-Hu, her grandparents Yeh-Yeh and Nai-Nai, and many other friends and members of her family that she can trust with. Even for other cats she met with.

They each learn a lesson, in every episode as they need to know the ways they are dealing with life, and even in China. The emperor is a bit of a food lover, while her wife cares for beauty on her, as they have a chef, a messenger, and three daughters. The worst thing is that they hate mice and rats as they get scared of them totally.

Both human and animal, learn a lesson as long they don’t do anything wrong. There are some episodes I dislike, but not all of them. I am looking for their merchandise. Maybe books and plush toys, but mostly DVD’s that are lost out there, as I’m trying to collect them to keep them safe.

This is a 9/10 kids TV show, as this will be remembered forever. It can happen on TV for some of the time, but hopefully for a while. Maybe longer. Even when I rate this, a straight “A”.

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