Megaman: NT Warrior (TV show)

Since I’ve heard of the original Mega Man before that, this anime TV show happened on Teletoon that was my number 1# Mega Man TV show.

Mega Man was a network friend to Lan, a human boy as they can battle against anyone’s network warriors and stop the forces of evil. They do it together, and with the help of friends they trust with. Such as Roll, a girlfriend to Mega Man as Maylu has a crush on him.

There were other friends like Princess Pride, who was happily secret with Lan as she met him two times, Sal who helps Land Maylu one time, and so many network characters that I’ve believed in they would. There was SearchMan and Meddy for example. Soldier type and medic type network characters. And GutsMan is like a robot type smashing robot as he can wreck things. Maddy, a funny girl teenager (in which I like her) owns Wackoman who’s like a clown type character. That’s all I have to say.

There have been 107 episodes in two seasons that appeared on Teletoon. And the mechandise there were figurines of those characters and all that, but I’m still looking for them. Books, DVD’s or any of their merchandise, maybe out there or unknown.

A straight “A” for this, and 9/10 stars. So far, so good on Mega Man like Samus Aran.

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