Dinosaur King (TV show)

My friend Erik Kock, was really into dinosaurs as he loved a TV show like this in anime back then. We were in Grade 6 when this happened until it left when we were in Grade 9 in the autumn.

This used to be on YTV once as Jamie was interested in this too.

About a boy who was obsessed too much on dinosaurs, and two of his friends get a big surprise as they get dinosaurs. He got a small triceratops, as his friend got a small raptor, and his friend which is a girl got a small parasaurolophus. She names her Paris. Like the city in France.

They were to use them and magical cards, to prevent dinosaurs that might cause havoc on the world. People will think they extinct and they don’t exist. So they have to keep truths themselves, and their parents that will understand.

When a evil team like that’s related to Team Rocket, they want to collect them first. Going through dimensions, places of the world and all that, they try to fox everything in order to save the dinos.

And they did. Making that team get lost in space forever as they are to never again return to our world. That boy learned that lesson along with his friends. Now, I’m not a big fan of dino’s, but there were two characters I found attractive. The girl who named that dino, “Paris” named Zoey and a woman named Aki. She as dressed up as Snow White once. Like the Hamtaro episode, “Laura and the Seven Hamsters”.

I just think those two look cute, as I might start searching for it’s merchandise. This is a “C-” average TV anime show for just kids who are interested in this, like the way they watch “Digimon Fusion”.

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