Digimon: The Movie (2000)

Since the first two seasons as nod adventure was a hit anime TV show for kids, then came this motion picture that had ever hit the screen! Me and my brothers were very young as we went to go see this in theatres in Gatineau.

This showed how the very Digimon came into our world, how some of our friends stopped one creating a virus, and one more that disappeared somewhere close to Colorado, USA.

New Digimon were in this such as Terriormon and Kokkomon. It was emotional and serious I think. Kari narrated the story in this as she was involved along with Gatomon as she wanted to help. I couldn’t say much, but I dislike the end for when a gigantic Digimon listening to some Shrek music before it was spirited away in the sky.

This is a 6/10 star movie, really good but, “C–“. A double C minus.

Kari and Gatomon, wherever you’re out there, I’m watching you!

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