Power Stone (TV show)

This was on YTV as I saw this with my own eyes!! As I watched the entire TV series of this!!

From the Cap-com video game, they actually made this into a TV series. In a far away land, in our own world, seven mystical stone jewels receive a burst of energy. They became so powerful, they flew separate in their own ways. They say if all seven stones are reunited including a light stone, a new age of miracles and wonders will occur. Almost like Dragonball, but different. And amazing.

A boxing pilot, a samurai, a fortune teller, a ninja girl, a martial arts warrior, a strong miner, and a wise Indian, were the only ones to receive those stones, as they can transform.

The boxing pilot using the red purple power stone, can transform into a red crimson robot, way better than Iron Man. For he can shoot missiles, fist rockets, fly on a jet pack, and can give a blazing firestorm.

The martial arts warrior using the light green power stone, can go super saiyan as can have yellow hair, and can transform almost like a gladiator. For he can control air and lighting together, as he can fight hard…fast. Very, very fast.

The ninja girl using the light blue power stone, can transform into a pink water ninja. For she can have a spinning blade, sparkling violet powers, as she can control water. Also, snowflakes while using her spinning blade.

The samurai using the light yellow power stone, can transform into a armored platted, masked warrior. A total shining samurai as he can control lighting and thunder. For he can wipe out and electrocute pirates in a single swift.

The fortune teller using the red orange power stone, can transform into a blazing fire woman, as her hair can be the only thing on fire. She can control fire and know how to use it. Even stop it.

The big strong miner using the normal yellow power stone, can transform into a gigantic gold rock man. Way better than the Thing, he can rock and roll, spin like a boulder, be strong as he can clobber enemies…very hard.

And the wise Indian using the violet power stone, can transform into a totem Indian robot. He can control yellow energy, for he can fly with big wings, and shoot sparks of lighting arrows. Even as an archer.

Plus, special moves they can do, even in their final battle.

Finally, when all seven power stones are reunited, they created a gigantic light power stone. The red boxing pilot used that, as he became a robotic angel. Like a white knight in shining armor with wings. It was the eighth, as he used that to defeat the forces of evil.

The only problems were in that, were the villains. The bad guys. A pirate leader like Captain Hook or Dr. Claw but only similar to the pirates in “One Piece”, pirate twins, an Arabian fraud, and a boxer fighter who went rogue. After finding a black power stone, he became a monster like the Hulk. Also, there was a bandaged thief who was like Freddie Highmore as Norman Bates in “Psycho” and “Bates Motel” as he kept thinking too much on his mom. What he didn’t know was that she died. But in the end, he became good, returned the power stones as he spent most of his time on a lovely island where the animals love him, as he loves them back.

After that in the end, it was just the three pirates and that boxer who went rogue after he died. They were the villains in that. The Arabian fraud was no more after a few episodes after that.

The most confusing part, was the boxer’s butler. For he cared for the boxer, his father and the entire family as he wanted to just help. He was such a scaredy cat, and always interrupts. But he was good at some points I like.

This only went on for one season, with only 26 episodes. But there were 6 DVD volumes, that contain those episodes. The video games are still popular as we wouldn’t forget them. But the DVD volumes are extremely rare out there, like the 6 DVD volumes of “Sagwa: The Chinese Siamese Cat”. And a few DVDs of that also.

In the end, it all went well after the power stones were free. The villains were no more, as the world never trusted them at all. But our heroes did went in good paths. The martial arts warrior went onto good practicing as he became a great warrior. Never failed at all. The Indian married the girl she asked for, like what he promised weeks ago. And were never parted. As the samurai went onto good training like what his master wanted him to do, the fortune teller became a good one, back in her home land. To be the new one. The big strong miner however, was in love in the boxer’s girl friend, as they got married. She loved him, as he loved her more. They even had eight children. Five boys and three newborn girls. As they loved their lives together. The ninja girl and her family after that, moved to a special land where her talents are there, as she loved it more. And that was where she became a great dancer there, when she can use talents on water.

And the boxer pilot? He went on a new flight, in his red bi-plane as he was to seek the world. Even without his nosy butler. For he was a great hero in that after all really. As I wish to thank him, and all of his friends for making this possible.

They were great heroes. Way better than the heroes we see. In DC Comics, and Marvel I do not want to fall into. Capcom on anime know their best. So I give this an A++ on this.

But can heroes like them, take down one giant farting robot? By a fart breathing fatass?You know, I got a good point.

edward-falcon-power 20141015-201436.jpgryoma-hqwangtang-hqrouge-hqPowerGunrockgaluda-hq





Fartor: “A perfect blend of methane…hydrogen…(sniff)…and carbon dioxide!”


Fartor: (sniffs some more) “And it smells wonderful!!” (chuckles)


Fartor: “I’ve done it!! I’ve created my very own gas planet!! I shall live forever here…”


Fartor’s voice: “…on the fart side of the Moon!!!”

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