Knights of the Zodiac (TV show)

Before I knew the band, ‘Flock of Seagulls’ on their song, “I ran”, this hit anime TV show was on YTV for a limited time as it showed galactic knights.

A royal queen of the galactic knights, summons teenagers with great power and great responsibility, as they are together to protect the Earth at all costs, from demons, and monsters, as they were to find gold pieces of amour. Then they would become guardians of the galaxy than the ones by Marvel.

I haven’t seen much of this, but I have seen some episodes of it though. But this is a “B” average TV anime show as this was good. Really good.

And since that was on, I would look to the song “I Ran” by that band, as those knights were the ones that ran so far away. And ran all night and day, that couldn’t get away.

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