Beyblade The Movie: Fierce Battle

This was TOTALLY on YTV for a limited time only as it was there that I saw it a long time ago.

From New Line Cinema, that gave us “Princess Mononoke”, it started off in the original “Beyblade” series as it was before the series finale. This movie took place like in the third season maybe, before the series finale of “Beyblade” ended.

That boy faced a red haired kid who wanted to challenge him more, as they are in those Beyblade tournaments with their friends. They were taking a vacation when they met a mid school teacher they trusted with back then. She was cute with those glasses as she was known in a bit of the first few episodes of season two.

The best parts of their vacation is swimming on the beaches, and the festivals. Like the episode in “Cardcaptors” for when she captured “The Glow”. “A Fair to Remember” was the name of that episode. They were dancing too.

When they were swept away on a island, evil elves decided to take on the spirits of their Beyblades. Their beasts of those. They showed dark magic and are like deadly shadows. But they managed to stop them. It was a really good hit movie that I loved.

9/10 stars, and a “A+”. In fact, Hilary and their teacher look very good on them. Like brides in festivals.

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