Monster Rancher (TV show)

Since before “Digimon: Digital Monsters” was cancelled, this one was a 4/10 star anime TV show, that was good but not so good in some of this.

A kid who was obsessed in a worldwide video game series, gets himself into a video game world of those monsters as they need their help to stop forces of evil. There were giant eyeballs, odd looking penguins, rock monsters, creepy dino raptors, bizarre rabbits, tiger type wolves, weird looking kangaroos, talking cats, devil ladies from hell, elephants, gigantic tremor monsters, goop guys, and so much that are hard to explain.

He did saved the world, with the help of a girl with the power of a Phoenix, as they had friends along the way. There are some parts of this show I really hate, but the opening song sounds really great. There are merchandise like figurines to collect, as I’m still searching for those.

So 4/10 stars, and a “E-“. But really good though. This anime TV show was lucky as it was like Digimon I rate.

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