Battle B-Daman (TV show)

The first season was really good than season two. It did not make it all the way to finish the second season when they need to make it english dubbed. For this anime TV show. I do not like the way, YTV did this!

In a world where man, animal, hybrid, cat, warrior and many other things that they live in, they live in peace.

A marble shooting game was of interest to them as they love to play it all the time. Even in tournaments. Instead of marble shooting guns, they would use cannon type model warriors as they would design theirs. In a rival game, the object was to shoot at ones shooter and make the cannon disabled. The first one to do that is the winner.

There was a host for that as she showed everything as she watched all that. She had 3 talking cats as they teach us everything, even in speaking Japanese. And how we start off and left off before this first season ended.

She narrated the whole story as I believed her.

A boy who was named Yamato, who was dumped and raised by cats in the wild until he was raised by a true but real mother. He worked with his mother in a cafe as he had her and a black cat. When he wanted to play that game, he’d knew he’d be something special.

When he had a birthday, and was interrupted by a bully as he ruined everything. Until in one blue flash, he received a gift that was a marble shooter! Known as Cobalt Blade. He neared him in a game as he will do great. Throughout the rest of this season, he fought against challengers, and an evil force as he saved the world. He and his friends met a ghost that was responsible for those marble games as he was set free into heaven.

But the boy, was a pure hero in this season after all. Better than the second one before that. So in this adventure, a “B+”. 8/10 stars.

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