Pokémon: The First Movie (1999)

When I was little, when me and my brothers were very young, we were big fans of the “Pokémon” series as we watched this first movie in theaters! It was the very first movie to hit the screen before the new age began. 2000. Oh, we were very young alright as we liked this, and Digimon.

Once, in a far off island in the Pokémon world, a top secret experiment let a test subject escaped as it returned to that island. It can talk with it’s mind like all psychic Pokemon maybe, as he was planning for a little payback.

Ash, Misty, Brock and their Pokémon were invited to an island far away along with other teenagers with their Pokémon as it was all a trap. Even for Nurse Joy when they found her.

There were cloning machines as they cloned their Pokémon as the one behind all this was a clone of Mew that went wrong. He was known as Mewtwo.

He wanted revenge for those that do against him. But before Ash could break his bones, he was saved by Mew. A physic Pokémon like Mewtwo as this shows the greates Pokémon battle the fans wanted to see. Mewtwo VS Mew.

But in their conflict, they both killed Ash by mistake as he was turned to fourteen limited stone. We almost lost that Ash as he was brought back to life, from the tears of Pokémon for what they have done. They were happy he was alive, as they were all spirited back to the harbour where they have started. Ash did see Mew fly off as they’ll find out more about legendary Pokémon.

This is a straight “A” movie with 9/10 stars. There have been a lot of merchandise that I saw such as books, collectable cards, figurines, DVD’s of this, the cd soundtrack, art books of the movie, and all that stuff I’m trying to collect as a collector.

9/10 stars and a straight “A”. Even when we saw this again on VHS when it came out in rental stores. And when we watched its short cartoon in the beginning.

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