Pokémon Heroes (movie)

Another Pokémon movie had hit the big screen. I saw this on DVD from Blockbuster, before it closed down. I watched this in my basement away from the light, when I had a bad sunburn on my back.

From Pokémon, Ash continued his journey searching to become a master as he, Misty, Brock and their Pokémon were in a city that looks like Venice, Italy!

It was like Venice, Italy as they did a Water Pokémon race. Where they ride on surfboards as their water Pokémon would pull them. Misty was the winner as Ash participated which was good.

There a girl I saw named Bianca that was cute and she’s an artist as there were two legendary Pokémon in this city. Latias and Latios. The red one was Latias, as the blue one was Latios.

Latias liked Ash as Pikachu liked the both of them. They would play in a secret garden all the time.

They had to save the city from two girl that hot looking chick agents that might have to something with secrets.

Although Ash hates swimming underwater, but what the heck? It’s always him. When it was time for them to go, Bianca gave Ash a sketch and a kiss that I’ve always wanted to see. Misty and Brock were shocked as Pikachu liked it.

This is a 9/10 star movie, as I give it a straight “A”. Perfect for my grandchildren. There maybe a slight chance of art and collectibles to find, but who knows? It’s just a anime movie that made it to theaters.

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