Pokémon 2000: The Movie

In the age of the new millennium, December 1999, “Pokémon 2000: The Movie” was a worldwide box office anime movie hit when the hit TV series was out there worldwide and in North America.

Zaptos, Moltress, Articuno, and Lugia were the legendary Pokémon in this movie as in the poster, Ash was the true hero as he held his hand like a warrior. Giving us the light to show the way, in the year 2000.

In their short, Pikachu and the rest of their Pokémon did get lost in the woods as they were looking for Togepi as they managed to find their way back.

This adventure started with Ash, his Pikachu, Misty, Tracey and their Pokémon as they stop a mad scientist from destroying the world in his hovercraft space station. They were in the Orange Islands first , as they were in the Arctic! That was when they met those legendary Pokémon including Lugia. It can talk with its mind as it can make a musical but mysterious song.

Two anime girls were with them that I’m not sure of. One which was the boat driver, and one like a bride who was having a crush on Ash. This would make Misty jealous.

She also knows the song of Lugia as she would play a conch shell. There was all that, and how a talking Pokémon there was, as he knew the islands. A Sloking.

The challenge was that there were three spheres. One fire, one lightning, and one ice that stands for the legendary Pokémon except Lugia.

That was when they would release a spring to the islands after a long winter. I thought it was the arctic, but I guess not. So in the end, Ash would ride on Lugia as this had a spectacular ending. I can’t tell you because that could spoil the surprise.

“A++” and 10/10 stars. There are some merchandise I have to collect such as books, cards and toys, but I’ll look for them. Even at a Geek Market or at ComicCon. And Ash did get a small kids that made Misty jealous.

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