Pandalian (Rare TV show)

I’ve always wanted to see what anime pandas look like. But never I’ve seen them amazing in this one! This really happened on YTV! Out in outer space far, faraway, in their home world in a shape like a donut, pandas live there as they talk, farm, grow giant corn crops, as they believe in magic.

Toby was a clumsy panda as he wanted to be a great hero. With a little panda pixie, his world was in danger as he had to find a few jewels to stop this. There are a few friends that came along with them as they want to be heroes.

One which is monk two face, the other wearing goggles, a chef and a few more I think.

I watched only half an episode on YTV once. I couldn’t believe it just left from that day forward after that. Anime shows from Japan to North America are totally rare like this one.

I understand a anime TV show like this one as I researched more info. It was on a part of the Nelvana Animation company, but as to what I think, Toby the Panda and all of his friends saved his world. This was un completed but I think this was amazing!

“A++” and 10/10 stars! Toby you panda, I wish you all the luck you’ve given us to North America as you might return. And all the luck you need when you are living in good old Japan! 🙂

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