Mon Colle Knights (TV show)

This was my first anime TV show, I saw on the Family channel. This was on the Family channel along with my other favorite once, “Gadget and the Gadgetins”.

A boy, his girlfriend with a wacko scientist that’s his father, get transported in a different spiritual world as they need to save any type of creature, elf, monster, or anything that need their help.

They go there by taking a dragon starship as there is another team that wanted to get there first! They can be jealous but one of them seems nice.

She does wear glasses and has purple hair. But it looks to me she does look sexy. I couldn’t tell by that when I was little while watching this. And then finally, there is another anime girl who’s an elf like she’s an enchantress.

She’s a pure elf girlfriend to Legolas. There were nearly 52 episodes in English dubbed as they were amazing. The anime girls that I think were hot were that elf girl, that green haired girl, some women in the real world, and that anime chick I mentioned with the glasses, violet hair and looks sexy.

This is a straight “A” anime TV show that was purely spectacular. 9/10 stars.

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