Idaten Jump (TV show)

From another anime TV show by YTV, this one dealt with anime which was good. But this one was about bike racing and bicycles.

A kid who believes in his fathers words about bicycles, was spirited away into a bicycle world and so did two of his best friends. They wanted to get home as they need to face forces of evil. But not only there was that, but this kid had to be in biking tournaments to win badges.

There was his father in that world, spirited with evil as he saved him. In the series finale, his friends and family returned to the real world as that kid decided to stay with his dad. He returned once as there are promises to be made with your friends and family.

And that’s what this kid did when he returned to the real world. “A++” and 10/10 stars. And I think there maybe DVD’s to that and seasons, and a bit of merchandise.

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