Tales from the Crypt (Cryptkeeper)

John Kassir, was the head role voice as the Cryptkeeper in this 80’s TV show of “Tales from the Crypt”. Then came a few movies like “Bordello of Blood”. He was popular for that in the 80’s when that TV show was cancelled.

20 years later, he played as the voice of the Cryptkeeper again in the hit cartoon, “Tales from the Crypkeeper”. He did all the stories he told as he dealt with a witch and a vault keeper later in Season Two. Season Three was that he gave a new title, “New Tales from the Cryptkeeper”. This was on Teletoon once whenever Halloween comes up until this was cancelled.

And ever since then, this TV show was known for its horror as you know John Kassir. This was one of my favourite TV shows on Halloween, like “Archie’s Weird Mysteries”. An ‘A+’ TV show. Just for Season 1 and 2. The third season is the one I dislike.

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