Spider Riders (TV series)

From another anime TV show, used by Teletoon they used in North America, this one was a rival between bugs and spiders.

Bugs are insects and spiders are arachnids we all know. Bugs have six legs as a spider has eight. Spiders can drink a bugs blood in a web.

But in this fantasy adventure, there was a war in a different inner world as there were warriors that rode them. When giant spiders were big, and are heavily armoured, they are what they are inside. They are not robots.

Here in this inner world, underneath the earth, they care for hope and and freedom as they would trust a warrior.

A boy who researched his grandfathers work, was transported to there because of a pyramid in South America. He met a woman who was a goddess. He wore a wristband that was strapped to his arm, as it would command a giant spider for him. Later, he met a girl warrior in which I think she was beautiful. Her name was Corona and she looked amazing.

They met for the first time as she had a giant spider too. She was a warrior like him. An archer. They both together defeated more bugs as they made it to the castle. He met a few friends there, and along the way in this movie. One in which he saved later before the series finale.

It was a spider rider like who who was brainwashed by this villain including her spider. She was beautiful. Her name was Aqune and I was glad she was free including her spider. She was a friend to that boy now.

Both Corona and Aqune started to fall in love with this boy in the series finale when they were trying to get him.

There is one more girl that was nice named Sparkle, as she loves the way that boy is brave. There were other spiders the spider riders used in this TV show as they were epic. The warriors, I disliked the way they are. How they are different, and how they can wind up into situations. There were plenty of anime girls and women I really like, but hopefully I’m like a pure man to them!

There was only one season until at the finale, they saved the world as that boy ran off onto his next adventure. But who knows when they’ll be a new season and a different anime TV show?

“A+” for a anime tv show like this. There are some parts I dislike, but what the heck? I’ll find some DVD’s as I’ll give them to my grandchildren. 10/10 stars for this one! 🙂

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