Naruto: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow

I saw this anime movie on YTV, late at night as they showed ‘Naruto’ original episodes. A long time ago, when I was a fan of YTV. But this was my first Naruto movie I’ve always wanted to see! Even for Jamie and I when we watched this in high school.

Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke, and Kakashi volunteered to help out an actress to deal with making movies in that studio. Not only she was an actress, she was a daughter of an emperor as they lived in a place called the Land of Snow. It’s always winter there, and there was not even a sight on spring! So they help her, with her life and acting as they deal with real ninjas out there!

An evil uncle wanted her, as he was the one that murdered her father a long time ago. Naruto as her only hero, was able to rescue her, with the help of his friends.

He killed the uncle by doing his powerful move. And in just one flash, a wisdom of spring came!

It was Princess Gale’s first spring to see that. She wanted to dream of that as she did. That place was now known as the ‘Land of Spring’. After the credits, she liked it as she gave a little gift to Naruto. She didn’t mind. It was good for her to be that way. “A++”!! 10/10 stars!

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