Edgar and Ellen (TV show)

When I first thought of Edgar Allen Poe, his first two names sound similar as there would be a pair of twins. But there were!

Edgar and Ellen was a TV show, that only appeared on YTV for a short time as they showed a Halloween episode and how it was based on a book series.

Edgar and Ellen were twins. Brother and sister. And in a small town, they play tricks and gags to make themselves popular and not let a greedy mayors daughter get in the way. She’s always greedy like a Veruca Salt.

These two, live by themselves in a building mansion in the forest as they live with a garden keeper that always smiles. Who I think it’s their dad.

Making monsters and loving it, they set things right as they want to be popular forever. The cool episode was that they made Halloween the best for them. On how they accidentally released a giant plant monster and how they dealt with three trick or treaters. And making their home looking like a haunted house. Edgar and Ellen love to do that, as this is their 1# Halloween episode that started this series. “A+” on that first episode. The rest, I’ll let them be.

Those two, are amazing!

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