The Incredible Shrinking Man

To the word ‘incredible shrinking”, I’ve seen and heard of cartoons that get shrunk down to smaller size as they need to get back to their normal size. I looks through that, and this 50’s movie that started this.

I saw a bit of this on Turner Classic Movies as I saw clips of it before it, and know the truth after I watched it.

About a man, and a divorced wife, their lives have changed to this unusual event. A radiation most covers that man as he’s not radioactive. But I’m a believer when I did. I saw that man growing smaller and smaller, day by day. He didn’t wanted to be in a circus like the rest, but to be with his wife. Scientists were working on the clock creating a cure, when that man was the size of a doll.

He had confusion and thought in his mind when he places himself in a dollhouse. He was all alone when his cat started attacking him. It showed a terrific scene when he opened the door and saw the cat. He somehow escaped and got away from it when he fell in the basement. His wife thought his ex-husband was eaten by the cat, as she left the house. With no one in that house but him, that small guy faced problems in the basement presumably as he killed a spider!

He was on the outside world as he will be gone when he is turned into an atomic size. I suppose he did. He was in a world where I once said, “No problem, too small”.

I’ve said that to myself as I looked at those cartoons related to that. Not all, but some I like. (There are still some I dislike). Like TMNT, Hulk, Archie and Jughead, Inspector Gadget, those Little Einsteins I’ve heard about since Grade 4, Tokyo Pig, the original Mega Man, Spider Man in the 60’s, Atomic Betty and Totally Spies maybe, and the Smurfs maybe too! They were shrunken to a small size, as they came back to their normal height.

But the Archie and Jughead one is the number one, since I watched that in a episode of “Archie’s Weird Mysteries”.

And with the help of Sakura and Madison in “Cardcaptors”. Remember, ‘no problem, too small’.

Madison: “Aw, Lucas! You look so smaller!”

(Lucas screams)

Rick Moranis: “Hey! There he is! And he’s a few more!”

Kero: “I love this stuff!”

Archie: “And we’re not the only people small enough”

Jughead: “How did you two get here?”

Ralphie: “Don’t ask”

Arnold: “Oh great! We’re dead”

Sakura: “It wasn’t any of us that shrank you guys”

Clark Kent: “I did. With the help of Matt Frewer. I did squashed Lucas’ sister”

Lucas’ Grandma: “Okay. That’s-”


(Lucas’ Grandma screams)













A movie on this one that shows how small, I rate 4/10 stars. Who knows about small worlds?

Remember, ‘no problem, too small’.

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