Ruby Gloom (TV show)

I’ve never saw a group of characters in a TV show like this. “Ruby Gloom” appeared on YTV, as I watched this when I stayed home due to head colds.

In a Victorian type mansion, a red haired girl wearing black clothes and has skin, as white as snow, Ruby Gloom lives in this home with a few friends. Her cat that sounds like violin, Doom Kitty, her one eyed friend, Iris, a skull kid with the art of acting, musical and talents, Skull Boy, Luck but sometimes bad luck, Misery, two brothers that have been stuck together, Frank and Len, a raven that does great skills, Poe with two more ravens named Edgar and Allan, a ghost that wants to scare more named Boo-Boo, two more ghosts like one named Mr. White and Mr. White, a bat that’s always afraid named Scaredy Bat, and a stuffed toy that might move, Mr. Buns.

The way I look at those characters, all three ravens represent Edgar Allen Poe, the author. Since he wrote the poem, “The Raven”. The two ghosts on the other hand, Mr. White and Mr. White like the name. One ghost is a truly Mr. White, while the other one is more of a ‘Lenny’. But he’d prefer ‘Mr. White’. But I’d prefer ‘Lenny’ to him. As for Misery, she has a big family tree. How there were her grandmothers that were in events like in the destruction of Atlantis, Pompeii and the San Francisco Earthquake. There were some that made very big mistakes. And she has almost 1,000 sisters. No brothers. And they get good luck on a “Friday, the 13th”.

The people, who live in a town called ‘Gloomsville’, I dislike them as to who they are and what they look like. Some I like, while the rest I dislike.

In their episodes and aftermaths, they do a few stupid things but also funny things like showing how they are good at. Like building a birdhouse, showing fan mail, showing their stunts and moves, and teaching people what they should do. They are talented they are, but I hope not too much.

This is a straight “B” TV show, as there are some episodes I dislike in that series. But they did great. They did great.

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