Cardcaptors (TV show)

This was the third best anime TV show that I saw when I was growing up. It appeared on Teletoon as I thought of this, amazing, beautiful and stunning.

Like “Inuyasha”, and how those characters remind me of the ones in “Digimon”, I’ve always believed there was something more to anime.

Once, in Japan centuries ago on a winters eve, was a wise man who’s a wizard, created a special book with cards on powers as he would care for a guardian to protect them. He had been dead for thousands of years as this lead to the first episode of this.

A girl named Sakura, who’s been having dreams of whatever was going to happen. She found the book the wizard made, as she accidentally set those cards free. Throughout the first and second season, she would have to catch them all before they could make things worse. With the help of her friend Madison at school, one who might know them named Meiling and Li, and a stuffed toy that was with those cards. And a nice teacher. By the time, she caught the last one, it was a mission accomplished.

One thing I dislike, was how that stuffed toy can transform into it’s real form. A giant lion with angel wings. Even for a cousin of her’s too! On a angel guardian.

Before the second season, they showed “Cardcaptors: The Movie” on TV for a rare time. Only on Teletoon.

In the third season, things have changed as they were about to face an enemy. Someone like her, with two more companions. He was like the wizard that was proud of her, and cared for her, but wanted to learn more about her secrets.

There were traps, dreams, and all that when her powers changed. Since the head staff had the head of a bird in which I like was good, changed as it was a star. Even for the cards that have changed too. They were her’s to still control. They had to just change. By the time she defeated this, and they made up, things have changed for that boy that looked like the wizard. He moved away for good.

And so did Meiling and Li when they had to fly back to Hong Kong. She felt sad, but received a gift. A card with the shape of a heart inside. I cared for her and that whole TV show in all of my life. I like how it shows the North American title, “Cardcaptors”. But not “Card Captor Sakura” for what they say in Japan. They have great merchandise during their time, in which they art and collectables now. Hard to find and hard to catch. Its what matters on being a collector. Catching all that stuff that’s collectable. Figures, books, toys, cards, DVD’s to see if it’s the perfect English version and all that.

If I have grandchildren that are interested in this, I have to collect them all and get the complete English version with all of it’s episodes from Season 1 to 3. Either buy every single DVD or just have them on DVD discs where they can watch them on the computer. And be sure to catch all of the collectables, even on a Black Friday.

On this hit TV show, “A+”. Still, there are some episodes I dislike, and how they can be fixed. But I’m like a pure friend to love Sakura, no matter how old I am. 10/10 stars for this one.

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