The Thing from Another World (1951)

Before John Carpenter made his movie “The Thing”, this was the original movie that lead to John Carpenters idea.

This was different than the book and two movies. The 1980 version and the prequel to it.

It took place in the Arctic, far north. A scientific group of the USAF found a spacecraft inside as they found an alien! Not a organism shapeshifting alien like in the John Carpenter version, but a live one! It came to Earth thousands of years ago before man could reach the Arctic.

It was like the movie, “The Colony”, the way they keep their bases set and have greenhouses. They found the alien, but they did not know the ice was melting. So it escaped as it was in the darkness of the colony.

Not only they blew up the colony, but the people there had to keep things trapped as they would find this alien.

The alien was like a Frankenstein monster, but with a different head. It had no hair, but with claws with its nails like a falcons talons.

It had a different ending on how they killed the thing. They may have used flamethrowers, but I guess they did.

I can’t tell you how they killed it, because it’s been so long, but the colonists warn the press this to the people of the world.

“Keep watching the skies”. That leads to the question, “Are we alone in the universe?”

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