The Cyclops (1957)

Similar to “The Amazing Colossal Man”, this 1950’s movie that had Lon Chaney Jr. as he, and three more people faced a giant.

Like the tale of Odysseus and the Cyclops, this one was different. A test pilot that got into a radiation accident and becomes a 50ft tall man as his eye was moulded. He lost his eye as it had only its left eye. His teeth were crooked as he became a cyclops monster.

Lon Chaney Jr. plays a man that died in this expedition as he was turning out to be a traitor. Three people got out, when one didn’t make it as the cyclops watched them leave. They maybe killed it by doing the old trick. By poking a gigantic hot stake in his eye.

I’ve seen it, but I can’t tell you if they did. This is a 7/10 star movie.

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