Destination Moon (1950)

In 1950, 2 years after the Bugs Bunny cartoon, “Haredevil Hare”, 3 years before the movie, “Abbott and Costello: Go To Mars”, 10 years before the Space Race in the 60’s, and how Herge write his two Tintin books, “Destination Moon” and “Explorers on the Moon”, this was the ultimate trip to the moon as it was the beginning of the new age.

From producer George Pal on special effects, he did the sounds, blasting, models, and more as he won an Oscar for this in the 50’s. Set foot in Mexico, a scientific group of scientists build a spaceship that could take them to the moon, and they did! Never before had any woman, set her man on such an exploit for what the trailer said.

Before that, with the hand of Walter Lantz, they made a cartoon short during the movie as it would show how a spaceflight would be. It had Woody Woodpecker as the main character and a narrator to show Woody this. Evidentially, Woody learned about space and how gravity can be, as long as he would return. But after that, they were doing this so that no man could know this! They never wanted to show this to President Kennedy, or the Soviet Union so that the Space Race could start early!

On a terrific liftoff from Earth, they left the Earth at 6 miles a second! Wicked speed! They made it to the Moon, and had a splendid time while exploring not too far. The thing was that they wasted fuel and in order to get back, they would lighten the ship by taking some stuff apart and leaving it on the moon. They had a terrific liftoff in the end, and how they made it back.

It was a good movie that I loved. What was good about is that they named their ship, “Luna”. Similar to the same rocket model that they used in “Abbott and Costello: Go To Mars”. Luna means Moon in Latin. 6/10 stars on a motion picture like so.

So if you see spaceships like this one when they take off, Officer Jenny from “Pokémon” would maybe think some kids are launching some fireworks. But how big they are, in what size, they always fly passed beyond the sky.

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