Them! (1954)

Ants. They are always the same we see today and how there can be different types. Brazilian fire ants, and ants that can carry what they held. But from Warner Bros. in 1954, never you should see how they are when they are gigantic irradiated!

The movie began when there was an investigation in New Mexico. A little girl was in shock as it couldn’t talk. She started to say, “Them!” two times as she was back alive. I do not like the way that girl should say whatever she says it’s “them”.

The answer came to their prayers, when two gigantic ants were wandering around in the desert during a sandstorm! They were adapted to atomic radiation in bombings, as they grew bigger and sinister. They are eight foot long, and are building their colonies almost similar to hives in the “Alien” franchise.

Some scientists and police officers went into the colonies as they used gas bombs, bazookas, and flamethrowers. They killed some ants, as they discovered, the queen and it’s colony may are on the move! Some can fly as they were shot down by the Navy. Next, in LA, they found the colony!

With the army, the officers and scientists, they killed all the giant ants As the found that eggs have hatched. They let the army killed them and burn them by using their flamethrowers. They learned that in the Atomic Age, radiation can make things bigger or dangerous as it can happen to man.

James Whitmore plays as an officer in this movie, as Leonard Nimoy plays a small uncredited role as Air Force sergeant in the communications room. This is a 7/10 movie. I just still hate the way that little girl can scream.

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