The Wasp Woman (1959)

Bees, wasps and hornets. I hate those since I got stung two times. But in the 50’s, oh it’s horrifying to see how a wasp can appear on the body of a woman! It was hideous to see her face when you look at it.

On a honey farm, a scientist got fired for experimenting on wasps. In the city, was where all the trouble started. A woman who was aging old, needed to be young again. Breaking into the scientists laboratory and injecting herself with royal jelly from a queen wasp, and with extra doses, she begins to change than getting a side affect on overdosing. She became 20 years younger! At day to that. But at night, she becomes a murderous queen wasp! With the head, eyes, mouth, nose, antennas and hands of a queen wasp. how hideous you would not want to see.

She died by the scientist when he threw an bottle of acid at her and fell out the window. Her face was burning in the acid as she was dead. She would have a swarm of wasps around her, comforting her as their queen. 6/10 stars. There is a remake I heard of, and saw the trailer, but only this time with the body of that and the wings! This one didn’t have those as a queen wasp.

Word of advice to anyone around- stay away from those bees, wasps and hornets.

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