The War of the Worlds (1953)

Better than the version with Tom Cruise, this became the classic like the hit radio broadcast since that dame in the 1930’s. This movie came out in the 50’s. About Earth is being invaded by Martians from Mars as they would destroy anything in their path. They have their ships with heat death rays and green ray shooters. They would cremate humans to dust and burn them alive.

Producer George Pal, the maker of “Destination Moon” and “When Worlds Collide”, he worked on this. On the idea maybe of the Martian ships. They would appear in a rock in a meteorite that’s radioactive as a screw seal would come off. They fly out as one would go first. Then two more would follow. In a small town where they crashed, they used their heat rays to wipe out and kill three men. The U.S. Army came as they set up a barrier to watch out. Cannons, mortar, tanks, bazooka’s, and army men behind tents would watch them. They watched as the three came out.

They are similar to the ones in the book by H.G. Wells, but only you can tell by the illustrations.

A woman screamed in panic when a priest was killed by it’s heat ray. That was when it lead to attacking them. They tried but the Martians in their ships had force fields around them. The Martians started using their heat rays and green blasters as they killed each man and group of the army. They even used their heat rays on fire! A retreat was called out as the aliens moved out.

I can’t tell you what they look like, but they have a secret camera in case if they watch for any humans to kill. As a war was on between man and alien, the Martians felt no casualties! So that whenever the humans use to defeat them, they are like toys against them!

When the Martians came more and more, from Mars as they were all over the world, the movie ended as they all stopped and died. Like the book, the Martians died because of the Earth’s bacteria in the air. It suffocated them as they were slowly dying.

This is better than the Tom Cruise and Dakota Fanning version. H.G. Wells was the best author he did on mysteries and adventures. IN fact, this is a 6.9 star movie. I dislike the way people panic and how a woman wanted to stay with people in a church. Because her boyfriend would have to go get her before they knew the Martians started dying.

And to come to think on Martians, this is how their queen would look like.




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