The Giant Claw

“Ricky Ricotta’s Mighty Robot VS The Voodoo Vultures from Venus”. Good book. In the 50’s, there was an actual voodoo vulture like that, that you’ve never seen! But not from Venus!

Terror from thousands and millions of years, this giant vulture came out of nowhere as it flies close to the stratosphere.

It would even eat people alive while on a parachute! It’s 200 ft tall, has large wings and can kill anyone on the ground. It caused a train wreck, city desolation, even for New York as it can terrorize people to their spines when they see this bird. They say this gigantic vulture is big as a battleship, flies 4x the speed of sound, atomic weapons couldn’t kill it, but this came from 17,000,000 BC!!

They only killed it, by using missiles with a touch of isotope. It crashed in the ocean, as they saw it’s claws for the last time before going down sinking. There’s gotta be an answer to where gigantic birds are. How they can be friend or foe. This one had it’s chance, leaving no evidence.

Frederico, my friend loves this movie, years that we discovered this before we went to go see “Monsters VS Aliens”. I give it a good rate. 6/10 stars.

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