The Blob (1958)

In all of Steve McQueens movies since “The Great Escape”, “The Magnificent Seven” “Papillon”, and “The Sand Pebbles”, this was his only movie where he took out a sci-fi monster. If you’re looking for a taste of terror, look out. Because soon, very soon, the most horrifying monster you’ll ever see, will be oozing from this movie!

It crawls, creeps as it eats people alive! Two teenagers saw it first. Like a falling star from outer space. An old man finds it as it sticks to his hand. It hurts him as he slowly dies. This blob is indestructible! indigestible! Nothing can stop it.

All that happened in one night of this town. The only way by defeating it, was by giving something cold like fire extinguishers to make it weaker. It’s weakness is the cold. Steve McQueen took it out fine with the help of some friends as they got rid of it. It wasn’t killed, but they kept it stopped by placing it in the Arctic. As long as it stays cold, the blob will stop. And that was how it ended.

There was a remake in 1988. Only the blob even became bigger than ever as it can be pissed off. It can have tentacles. They showed this on TV two times when this did. It was destroyed by a liquid nitrogen truck, as a priest who almost lost an eye, kept a piece in a jar as it slowly lives.

Blobs, goo and slime balls, stay away from those if I were you. Never be eaten alive. Steve McQueen had a full night dealing with an indigestible blob.

This 50’s movie is a 6/10 star movie! I did a stop frame animation movie of this when my high school principals son, Neil made a visit. He and I love that movie! We made it both together as it was one of the happiest moments of my life ever!

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