Clint Eastwood, as a very young actor, made his cameo and young appearance as a pilot squadron leader as he took out a giant 50’s monster. A gigantic tarantula!

This 1950’s movie, shows about a serum that can make things horribly wrong thanks to a scientist and it’s partner. The serum can make people’s faces moldy and ugly as they die from that, as it can make animals very big. Rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, and a tarantula. Both of these scientists died as they broke the glass cage of the tarantula. It crawled and escaped after their deaths as it was the size bigger and thicker than 30 carpets. It survived in the desert as it grew even more.

It killed people in houses as it crushed them. This was reported by some townspeople as they need to destroy it before it attacks others. They used TNT, but no use. It just crawled from the white smoke as it kept on going.

A USAF squadron came as they attack it. Clint Eastwood played the leader as he totally young. By shooting firing missiles and rockets, it exploded it’s skin as it burned to death. This is a 6/10 star movie, that only the people of Turner Classic Movies know of.

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