Never Ever Do This At Home (TV series)

Are you tired of things that your parents nag you about, how you do, and why you shouldn’t do things that make a mess? Like “The Cat in the Hat” and a Sagwa episode called “Sagwa Rules”, this is a science class comedy Canadian TV show for what shows that you should actually never do at home! This was aired on Discovery Channel.

Teddy Wilson and Norm Sousa are the hosts for this show. Like “Mythbusters”, but they demonstrate scientific experiments to show that you should actually never do at home!

In two seasons, they do that at two houses. One in each. As they light up fireworks in the houses, messed up kitchens, broke some stuff, blew up a boat, lighted flammable stuff, fired rifles at propane tanks, flew a bathtub in the house, took down the roof and porch, messed up the laundry rooms, played with paint, builded hot tubs (one in the back of a pickup truck), scorched on safe boxes, and so much that you would never ever do at home!

And in the end of a last episode, with mortar and explosives, they blew up the houses! And the two houses they did collapsed! That way all that was scrap. And in the end, these are things science related that you should never do at home!

Hit “A+” TV series! 10/10 stars!



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