First Men In the Moon

The moon has always been told of mysteries, there could be. In 1964, a movie came to theatres as it was H.G. Wells, “First Men in the Moon”. Not just being the first men on the moon, but the first men inside the moon!

This happened during the Space Race when this movie was made. The movie began with a spacecraft from the United Nations as there were space men to go there. But when they discovered something, somebody was there before them. And there was.

Agents of the United Nations track down this man as he’s in a nursing home. He told them he, his wife and a scientist had the power ability to make things weightless. The scientist was clever and funny, as he would create the perfect moon trip. The flashback took back in 1899, in time of Queen Victoria as things were different then.

When the scientist, he and his wife were launched into space, they were in a orb type cannonball with railway buffers as it didn’t stop until they reached the moon. And the spacesuits, they used aqua suits with oxygen!

On the moon, there is no air. But inside the moon there is! And inside were alien bugs. Some of those were made by special effects Ray Harryhausen. The aliens were the ones I hate as they had to drag their spacecraft. They wonder too much about Earth and man and why. Two battles were raged. Our three heroes took that on the aliens as the United Nations spacecraft did the same years later in that movie. The civilization of the aliens collapsed as we shall never hear more about them!

Ray Harryhausen did effects on the alien bull, a skeleton vision in a X-Ray, and maybe blurry things in a mirror.

This is a movie with 7 1/2 stars I rate. Very well done.

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