Earth VS The Flying Saucers

This was my first sci-fi movie I saw on channel TCM. Turner Classic Movies. The whole world terrified by flying saucers as they have blind robot men. Whenever soldiers shoot them, they have a force field to protect themselves. In just one death ray blast, they shoot the shooters to smithereens! Heat rays to disintegrate them!

Washington had this terrified as it was a total alien invasion. One of them even destroyed the Washington Memorial. While taking them down with a virus, they crashed onto the Washington Capitol Building. Some even crashed at a train station. The way they do crashes, it was all thanks to Ray Harryhausen.

For where they came from, it must’ve been a robotic android world, similar to the robotic world for where the Iron Giant came from. As they do believe in flying saucers the world has have. They are unexplained mysteries today about UFO’s, but who knows if there is more? I did watched this the second time as I understand on TCM. There could be more sci-fi and horror movies like this one, even on Halloween.

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