Attack of the 50ft Woman (1958)

Gigantic women. 50 stories tall. You can almost touch ones boobs as you don’t want a mad girlfriend at that big. Like the hot alien in “Dude, where’s my car?”.

This one was a take back to a wife and a cheating husband. A wife was cursed and felt the pain when a 30ft giant came from outer space and almost started attacking Texas. That giant left after that, but never before some people saw how she grew 50 stories tall! Bigger than the one that cursed her. She would rip right through her clothes and shoes as she could burst through the roof!! She escaped as she went to grab her cheating husband. She killed a woman who was interested in him as he was in the hands of her. Like a doll.

A 1958 movie showed this as there was no scene of how that woman grew 50 stories tall. In a 1993 remake, there was! She did all the fun she could have while being 50 stories tall. Even while holding onto her husband.

To her death, the sheriff and deputy’s of town would shoot at an electrical transformer. That was when it electrocuted her and her husband. They died, but she had her husband all to herself. She had her love and life being big. That happened in the 1958 movie. In the remake, when she and her husband got electrocuted, the UFO appeared as they took her away. She was resurrected but was a giantess of space in the UFO as she kept her love all to herself by placing a cage. She had that while being big.

There have been cartoons and parodies related to this. One in “Archies Weird Mysteries”, and a few more that you may find out somehow.

The 1958 movie was a straight “B” for a report on this one. I would try the remake someday.

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