Deep Blue Sea

In the depths of the ocean during a thunderstorm, a top secret experiment for a cure on Alzheimer’s disease had gone horribly wrong as three Mako sharks were making an escape. A group of scientists, face themselves horror in the waters as they make their escape and try to stop the sharks.

Samuel L. Jackson was one of them as he was pulled in the waters and got eaten alive. After killing the sharks, two made it out alive. Carter played by Thomas Jane and Preacher played by LL Cool J.

They did the best kill on sharks by shooting a harpoon with explosives to it and activating it with wires. They did this on “Mythbusters”.

Although in the end they got rescued, their last words were “I quit this job”. No matter what does, when sharks are around. This is a 4/10 star movie. Good in some scenes but not the rest.

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