Si Robertson- Veggie Tales

“Duck Dynasty” and “Duck Commander” were my mom and dads favorite TV shows. A few months have went by after that, and I’ve never seen Si, wrote a book about him and volunteered to play the role as a veggie in a Veggie Tales movie!

He liked being a vegetable as he was the storyteller. He knew vegetables since he was in those two hit TV shows. And how they are his favorite foods. So he did that, in this Veggie Tales movie as it takes place during Christmas.

I’m sure he turns out alright. I maybe too old for that stuff, but I’m sure some children today will like that. Si is a great man. He’s a Vietnam War veteran as a soldier, author, song writer, actor, and best for his works on this, “Duck Dynasty” and “Duck Commander”.

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  1. nancy

     /  September 30, 2014

    I love DUCK DYNASTY. A close knit family who had their scuffles but work through. Phil and Si teach great life lessons. Great post Owen


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